If you are reading this, you are probably interested in investing in real estate. Maybe you already have a couple investments, or maybe you are just getting started. Either way, there is always something to learn about investing. Let’s talk about mistakes investors often make so you can avoid them.
This can mean a couple different things. When you are thinking of pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into a real estate investment, you better prepare first. The first step you should do is research, research, research.
When you buy a car, you compare a couple different ones first, right? Do a little test drive, talk to your salesman and ask a lot of questions, think about the price, the features you like and don’t, the gas mileage. You consider many things before diving into a vehicle.
You should put even more effort into buying an office or a house. You should be doing due diligence to ensure it’s worth your money. You should ask questions about the property, the neighborhood, and the market.
Once you have done your research, you also should create a plan. Don’t just find investments and buy them without planning ahead, you need an investment strategy. This will help guide the type of property you are drawn to and what you look for in a place. Having a plan will keep you focused, clear-headed, and motivated for success.
Now here is why I hope you did your research before buying a property. If you aren’t fully prepared and educated about the market and how your property fits into it, you can potentially overpay. In a market like this where houses are getting snatched up within days, people are anxious for sellers to accept their bids. This is when overbidding occurs and overpaying follows suit.
Luckily the commercial market is not as crazy as residential right now and you won’t lose your target property in three days. You want to move quickly but not anxiously. When you have targeted a place, search around for similar properties and get an idea of market pricing. This will increase your negotiating power and prevent you from paying double what a property is worth.
This builds upon our previous point. One of the best ways you can avoid overpaying for a place is making sure you have a trustworthy and knowledgeable agent on your side to vouch for you. We know the market, and we can sniff out a bad deal from a mile away. Do NOT try to go through the process of investing in something as big as real estate without consulting some professionals.
A team of professionals will ensure your process goes smoothly. Alongside your trusted realtor, you should consider having a property inspector, a handyman, an insurance representative, and a good lawyer.
With a top notch team assembled, you will avoid many mistakes. These professionals can warn you of a bad deal, any defects in the title, flaws in the property or the area it resides in, and many other detrimental factors that you will want to know before signing any paperwork.
Now, you need some trusty teammates beside you but you need to be cautious in determining who those people are. There are many experts out there, but before choosing one I would examine their history and make sure they have a good track record. Talk to other people who have worked with them, look into their background, ask lots of questions. Do what it takes to build a sense of trust before jumping in with somebody.
Investing in real estate is very much worth it, however it does take time and money to get started. Don’t forget that mortgage is not the only thing you will be paying. There will be upkeep fees, maintenance, and taxes. And if anything goes wrong, you will be responsible for repairing the roof or making structural changes to the building.
Once you take on a new property, you become the caretaker. It’s a big responsibility but it can be worth it if you are willing to put in effort and prepared to stick to your strategy.
Financing is extremely important. If conventional loans won’t allow you to purchase the same homes as an exotic mortgage option, there is a reason for that. You can’t afford that property. Adjustable loans may seem like a good way to get into a property you may not have been able to without it, but when interest rates rise, you may understand why it seemed too good to be true.
Real estate investing requires logic and strategy as much as (if not more) than your gut feeling. Though instincts are also important, do not allow your heart to get in the way of your brain. Analyze all the information available to you and rely on that. Ensure you are making good decisions by using your brain to parse through information rather than allowing your heart to take over and rule the roost.
Those are some common mistakes investors often make when getting started with real estate investing! Hopefully knowing to look out for them will enable you to avoid them yourself. Learn from other’s mistakes so you don’t make them, and instead prepare yourself to jump into good, successful investments. Happy investing!
If you need any help with find good investment alternatives feel free to reach out to us.